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Cussons Baby Wipes are mild and gentle on the tender skin of your baby giving them complete cleanliness and with good fragrance.

₦3700.00 ₦3500.00

Cussons Mild and Gentle Baby Oil is a pure mineral oil that adds moisture to your baby’s skin. It helps to remove the excess flakes from cradle cap as it’s enriched with Chamomile Oil to soothe the skin. It is suitable for baby massage. To ensure your baby have a restful night, Mild and Gentle Oil can be used to give a gentle bonding massage to your baby which will help to relax your baby, reduce wind and constipation.

₦2400.00 ₦2200.00

Baby’s skin is about 60% thinner than adults. This means it is prone to dryness, so frequent application of baby lotion is essential. Our Soft & Smooth Baby Lotion is infused with Almond Oil to nourish and moisturise dry baby skin. With added Rose Oil that has an aromatic calming effect, your baby’s skin is left feeling smooth and supple.

₦2600.00 ₦2500.00

Mild & Gentle Baby Powder During hot weather, Cussons Baby Mild & Gentle Powder is mildly formulated to absorb excess wetness on the skin of the baby due to sweat in order to keep the baby’s skin feeling soft and fragrant. It is enriched with Milk to help nourish and Chamomile to soothe your baby’s skin, keeping it healthy and soft.

₦350.00 ₦335.00

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