Picadailys Cooperative Society is a purchasing cooperative that is set up to ensure members get the lowest prices possible on selected products and services.
Yes, Picadailys is duly registered in line with Section 5 (1) of the Nigerian Cooperative Societies decree No. 90 (now an Act of 2004).
To become a member, kindly visit our website and register. Kindly upload all the necessary information required and submit. Your application for membership will be reviewed and your membership approved.
Kindly visit our website - www.picadailys.com and click on register.
Yes, registration is free
Once you become a member you can make your through your back office. All contributions will reflect in your E-Wallet
Yes, however this is on the grounds that you are forfeiting your membership and the benefits it comes with
Your E-wallet is a display of your contributions as a member. It allows you to see what you have contributed and what you can spend at a given time as a member.
You cannot shop instantly after making your contribution because all new contributions are recorded in your RED account and only funds in your GREEN Account can be used to buy products and services from the Cooperative.
To be an active member of the Cooperative Society, you have to make regular contributions and participate in the Cooperative Society activities.
The Red account is the area of your E-Wallet where all new contributions are recorded. You can't buy anything with the funds in your RED account, to be able to use the funds, you have to move the funds from your RED to GREEN Account.
The GREEN ACCOUNT is the area of your E-Wallet where all the funds you can spend is recorded. By participating in the Cooperative Society activities, you move all contributions from the RED account to the GREEN.
The DAG is a set of task you have to complete to move your funds from the RED to GREEN Account.
16 years and above & except in the case of next of kin
In the case that a member dies or is incapacitated, his or her next of kin will be entitled to the benefits of such member.
Your membership can be terminated when you go against the rules and regulations of the Cooperative Society.
You have the option of visiting our pick up center to collect the products as soon as you are notified that they are ready or you can request door step delivery which usually attracts extra logistic fee.
All off-loading related expenses are to be borne by the buyer and the Cooperative Society will in no way be held responsible for making any offloading expenses.
A self-service is an offering of the Cooperative Society where a member goes to the vendor himself to get the product or service.
Yes. It is your voucher code the vendor uses to verify and authenticate your order before selling to you.
To get your code, you can always check your SMS or Email.
This is a token in form of numbers generated by the system for our vendors to process your orders.
Voucher codes are delivered via SMS and Email.
It means the voucher code is not authentic and wasn't generated by our system.
A pick up center is an extension of the Cooperative Society office where members can pick up the products they ordered.
Yes, depending on the area where the member wants the goods delivered to.
It is subjective to the item ordered and delivery destination.
It is subjective on the order.
Kindly visit, www.picadailys.com and check out our refund policy.
In the above case, the Cooperative Society will replace the item after confirming that the damage was not caused by the buyer.

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