WELCOME TO Picadailys.

Picadailys Services Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited is Nigeria’s leading consumer cooperative where members can conveniently shop online from anywhere and at any time. The cooperative ensures that members can buy high quality products and services in the most convenient manner at the same time enjoy unrivalled discounts on every purchase made from Picadailys.com.

As a Cooperative, we believe in “Adding Value” to the lives of our members, thus we use innovative technologies and our well established partnerships with manufacturers and service providers to offer a wide range of product/services that fall into categories such as consumables and value added services (VAS). We leverage world class ecommerce technologies to guarantee members of our cooperative society, absolute convenience and customer satisfaction as they buy essential products and services lower than market price, while enjoying support from our dedicated customer service team and many other amazing services.



To create memorable online shopping experience through innovative retail solutions designed to add tangible and measurable values to the lives of our members


To be the compelling choice for our partners and members


Integrity based, Strive for Excellence and a win-win co-operative society model.


Innovative, Dedication, Responsibility and Team Work


  • The co-operative society system makes you an entrepreneur/ business owner
    ( wholesaler/retailer)
  • As a member you can enjoy best discount rate "EVER" on goods and services
  • Your memberships is for a life time except terminated by member voluntarily or by the co-operative society system through misconduct, misinformation etc
  • Next of kin enjoys membership privileges in case of death or disability

    Active membership of the cooperative is required to enjoy our range of unbelievable discounts offered on all purchases made, anytime and from anywhere on the website. Our goal is to grow your business, so you can start the process at Picadailys.com with the following simple steps:

    1. Register as a member of the cooperative Society.
    2. Ascertain the availability of the products and services you want to buy.
    3. Decide how much you hope to spend, choose a budget base that suits you and fund your E-wallet.
    4. Participate in our Digital Advertising Game (DAG) to make your E-wallet TRANSACTION READY (TRR) to shop at unbelievable discounts on Picadailys.com.
    5. Start shopping at Picadailys.com and enjoy incredible discounts on all purchases anytime and from everywhere.


    As a cooperative, our community is king and we understand this fact like no other ecommerce service provider in the industry. For us, serving our customers who are mostly members of our cooperative society is a thing of pride and a rare honor.

    At Picadailys.com, our primary commitment is to continually find new ways to innovate the online retail experience for members in a bid to improve their overall shopping experience, such that every time is unique and special.

    We work with our members as one big family and we are apt to listen to their feedback, capture new ideas and resolve issues relating to our services. So feel free to talk to us about your shopping experience:

    • For Feedback: care@picadailys.com
    • For press related inquiries: media@picadailys.com


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